How can you be sure?

Who's the guy in the mask?

This car is his.

Fasten your seatbelt.

You never seem to have anything to do.

Would you like to earn some extra money?


Svante's parents got divorced when he was thirteen.

We have to try harder.

How much did they pay you?

He has an excellent falsetto range.

I told her I was interested.

I'm sure I've seen her before somewhere.

That's exactly what's going to happen.

Most Americans are descended from immigrants.

Did you see who did it?

I've been eating protein.

Painting is another thing that I can do relatively well.

I don't lie.

Hello. This is Ogawa speaking.


That guard tends to do everything by the book.

We could talk about music.

They accomplished nothing.

Rajendra can do the splits.

I need to call my parents and tell them I'll be late for dinner.

Don't let them do this.

Did something seem wrong?

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It's an obscene thing.

Lyndon Johnson took over presidency when John Kennedy was assassinated.

In the past, Fletcher Fuel was approached by Japanese companies.

This is not wishful thinking or a dream that may be set to crumble before our eyes.

Everything you saw was an illusion.

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Today he cut his finger, therefore he cannot play the piano very well.

She sat up late last night.

What did Janice tell Gregg about John?


Sorrel didn't want Beckie to go.

The weather forecast said tonight it will rain.

We learned Russian instead of French.

This would be better than that.

Dan contacted Linda's sister.


Clarence used to be a teacher.

We're going to do it properly.

All of them are successful.

Is dinner ready?

Jan's doctor advised him to stop drinking.

When will the snow melt?

Kids say the darndest things.

You probably shouldn't eat that.

Young as he is, he is a very reliable person.

How long are you going to live in Shanghai?

Todd denies doing that.

Why's Lana mad at Karl?

It's characteristic of him to behave like that.


Can I sleep here?

Any time I see blood, I faint!

Walt won't bother you again.

We went to the museum to study Japanese history.

She accused me of making a mistake.

She was robbed of her jewels last night.

There's a telephone here.


How long do we have until this has to be finished?

Wait a minute!

I need you to find him.

Saify hasn't actually ever been to Boston.

The dog didn't eat the meat.


I thought you said nobody was going to be here.

Ramanan is afraid of dancing in public.

Men have Adam's apples.

You should make a fresh start in life.

Ernst was unable to finish her lunch.


I'm really confused.

Case slipped quietly out of bed and went into the kitchen.

His knees gave way.

At least let me buy you dessert.

You shall receive two certificates of achievement.

Where is the way out?

I found out something deeply related to you.

Why would I know that?

Which do you like better, apples or oranges?

Tor, what happened? Why are you crying?

These letters, in the main, are from my mother.

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We'll be there as soon as possible.

I wish I didn't have kids.

I don't know much about Nils's personal life.

She left without even saying good-bye to her friends.

I was foolish enough to leave my commutation ticket at home.


It seemed like too much trouble.


Is there something you're not telling me?

Tell me who's bothering you.

Follow the car.

I can make them more comfortable.

I met him at Vincenzo's house.

How long have you stayed in Caracas?

Invitation to comment without resorting to insults.

Send the package to me at this address.

Who's your favorite artist?

I am reading a book about animals.

Mr Smith is a doctor by profession.

Is it an action movie?

I have my limits. If you cross them, I'll gladly walk away.

The boy stuffed cake into his mouth.

How many other people know about this?

Have you lost your tongue? Why can't you answer a simple question?

We're moving to Boston next year.


We have to learn all the songs before the end of the week.


Jordan is interested in fossils.

Didn't I warn you about him?

Next time, get your sister to come.

Timothy doesn't listen to advice.

Stu told Leads that he couldn't live without her.

I am in the garden.

I knew Devon was coming back.

This is what it's all about.

Examinations interfere with the real purpose of education.

I'll meet you where we always meet.

I thought Juha might be able to help us.

Do you have any sales distributors in Japan?

This is where Miriamne and Michelle stayed on their honeymoon.

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Is the dog swimming?

I beat you.

The feelings of "love at first sight" and "faithful unto death" are unrealistic; this sort of unrealistic and illusory feeling is not what we need.

He is haughty to his juniors.

A large crowd had gathered on the street.

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I can't keep this up.

Shaw is always neat and tidy.

I half expected Christopher to start dancing.


Major took off his sweater and put it in his locker.

More than 90 percent of Madagascar's rainforests have been destroyed.

We're standing.


Which flower is blue?

Please have some pie.

It seems warm outside.


I wish I had been kind to her then.

His life is free from care.

He was put to death finally.

I'm really glad Shawn asked us to come.

She opened the letter quickly.

She was giving a speech at the park.

He majored in modern French literature.

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I came in the back way.

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You know that once you're inside, you'll never be able to get out.

She wouldn't let up until I agreed to go to the movies with her.

Kim used to play baseball.


We're going to lose, aren't we?

We stayed up all night trying to come up with a plan.

I'll sing.


Dan lied about his whereabouts.


Take this three times a day for the next two weeks.

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The police officer fired a blank.


We walked slowly along the road.

Hugh wondered what it would be like not to be blind.

What color do you think she likes?

Vince tried to strangle Elliott.

Where in all Japan is there a school that has 'advance at the crawl' in P.E.?!

I've been worrying sick about you.

I've never met Jurevis.

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Kelly wants to see if Tracy likes his new song.

Have you been eating enough?

Joanne just finished cleaning his room.

It is too easy a task for him.

I made my way through the crowd.


All of a sudden, he spoke out.


Don't tilt your chair.

They made a toast at his funeral.

Vic and Caroline both died in the accident.

What's your favorite musical instrument?

He's eating breakfast now.

They were abandoned by their mother.

Papua New Guinea is called "Papua Niugini" in Tok Pisin.


Yes. That's right.